Hi my friends….

It’s a lot of time that I don’t update the website.

Who knows me, knows that I was unable to fly my hang glider for a long time due to a kite surf accident I had in 2013. I injuried my knee and so…. I had to wait a lot to recover from it.


After 6 months of reabilitation and a ligament reconstruction, in the beginning of june I flew again with my wings….. and was a rebirth as always is.IMG_4852

Now it’s time to go on with the last things to do to complete the documentary and then the after production process will start.

But in those months, I was working to serch for right people to complete the post production…..and I was really lucky to find some good guys that will collaborate to the project.

One of the results of this “sabbatic” period is the first trailer of “Follow the griffin”  project, where you’ll appreciate the work that was done till now.


You really can’t imagine how much work there’s behind three minutes clip….. 🙂


But just a little bit of patience…..

The teaser will be online tomorrow……

I hope you’ll appreciate it.


All the best



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