Griffones, drones and Croatian skies

2014-08-08 16.28.37 DCIM141GOPROThis season is so ugly if we consider the weather…. we had no summer, so I made very few flights and had no great progressions with the documentary filmings.

But on last friday….oh…we were so lucky.

We went in croatia with the Airvision troupe, and all was perfect.

The weather, the light, the company, the griffons in the air…..

10525679_10204215459136618_1132136402400985467_nWe recorded a lot of good footages, with drones, in the air, from the ground….exciting… we were not used anymore to good days, so we appreciated it a lot, really…. 🙂

I think that the pictures tells a lot of the moments….. Imagine… to fly in a thermal with a group of griffons going to their original home in Kres (island), reaching togheter the cloudbase at 2000 meters above a wonderfull sea….. paradise on earth!

Now let’s cross the fingers for this sunday and monday, we planned a new mission.



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