Circling right or left?

Griffons fly always in couple or more. It’s really rare to see a bird alone, and if you spot it, it is quite sure that its flying buddy is on its field of view….maybe some kilometers away.

They are used to circle the thermals togheter, and generally with opposite senses of rotation. This is not casual, trust me. I verified it many times.

Why they do that? Follow the blog and the next posts to discover it! 😉

In this clip you can see a griffon that joins me in a thermal. It was quite far from its buddies (lower then us) and joined me directly from the ridge when it saw that I catched a very good lift. So I became its new buddy, for some minutes)

Why its decision to turn clockwise while I was circling counterclockwise? Patience guys…. patience….


2 thoughts on “Circling right or left?

  1. Thank you for your beautiful videos. I am a seaplane pilot working on Kodiak Island, Alaska for 35 years. When I was in flight school in the 1970’s I flew a Wills Wing glider.
    I am interested to know what glider do you fly (the red/black/white one). It is a very nice glider.
    Thank you. Rolan Ruoss

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