About me

11 september 1992

the day of my baptism of air…. what others without any kind of poetry and feeling call simply “first solo flight”… 🙂

from that day, after 3 months of a wonderful summer on the training hill with my parents, I started to live the dream that I had since when I was a baby.

The next september will be 20 years of flights, of emotions that are impossible to explain, as if it would be to describe how is the red color to a blind man….

now is time to share what I learned and to discover some new aspects of my wonderfull passion.

What I hope is not to transmit to you what I feel or I felt, because as I told is impossible…. but… if in a child mind, following the documentary that I’m starting, will born a new desire, and a dream to fly someday somewhere in that way, my mission will be a success!

Davide Finzi Carraro