Air Safari – Fly with griffons

The aim of the documentary is not to show an exclusive relationship between me and griffons.

This wonderful species share daily the sky with hundreds of other lucky free flying pilots around the Alpe Adria skies, in a kind of flying symbiosis that is difficult to imagine…. you just have to prove it.bipopara

And now you can do it!

You can fly with griffons if you want, and experience how they live the sky!

You’ll climb the thermals as they do, flying a tandem with a certified and expert pilot (paraglider or hang glider as your choice). He will bring you in their world in a safe condition and if you’ll be lucky, you could share some moments with them.bipodelta

Maybe, when you’ll look each other in the eyes, you’ll discover that it will not be a farewell, but maybe a “see you next”!

I really hope that for you.



To recive informations about the Air Safari and the ground tour around the Reserve, fill this form:



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