Hang gliding goes beyond

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Circling right or left?

Griffons fly always in couple or more. It’s really rare to see a bird alone, and if you spot it, it is quite sure that its flying buddy is on its field of view….maybe some kilometers away.

They are used to circle the thermals togheter, and generally with opposite senses of rotation. This is not casual, trust me. I verified it many times.

Why they do that? Follow the blog and the next posts to discover it! 😉

In this clip you can see a griffon that joins me in a thermal. It was quite far from its buddies (lower then us) and joined me directly from the ridge when it saw that I catched a very good lift. So I became its new buddy, for some minutes)

Why its decision to turn clockwise while I was circling counterclockwise? Patience guys…. patience….

Flying buddies

This is a short footage to show the ability of the friends that help me during filmings.

Here the operator (Max) is flying as passenger on a tandem paraglider. The pilot is Lucio.

Max is not using any steadycam or gimbal system for his camera.

The result of the quality of the video is due to the ability of both to fly in a smooth way even if the air is active, to anticipate my moves and to maintain a fixed focus with the camera only by hands. Great guys.

I can’t wait to go for a new mission togheter.

A great new stuff

Weather sucks in the last times and there’s no time to have good griffon missions…. but I had the opportunity to try a grea stuff in the last two flights.

A full control gimbal sistem for Gopro. It was provided to me by my video production supporter. It’s a proto system and I need some more tests to optimize it for flight use.

But the result is great….. check the video! 😉

Total control on every axis via wireless remote control and feedback wireless monitor to see what I’m filming….. imagine how many cams should I install to have the same effect…and without stabilization… 😉


Can’t wait to try it with griffons!

Oh yes….another great advantage is that the system provides extra energy to the Gopro, so wi-fi gopro consumption and duration is not a problem anymore. 🙂

Hello world!

So, a new project…. a new dream is starting!

I always loved nature, since when I was a child…. I can’t count how many hours I spent during my life to stay in touch with nature, to observe it, to learn it through documentaries and specialized magazines…

will never be enaugh for me.

Then one day I realized my biggest dream. I learned to fly. In the best possible way…..with an hang glider! The only artificial wing that let you feel the air in the most “natural” way.

You are part of the third dimension. To fly, you use your muscles, but mainly you use your brain and your instinct…

Yes, instinct… I don’t know how is possible… but there is a kind of evidence that some flying humans have more instinct then others…

So… when you fly with an hang glider you have the opportunity to live the world with the eye of a soaring bird and to share moments of your life in strict contact with flying wildlife… buzzards, eagles, seaguls…….many many species…. but here, in my territories, we have a special kind of griffin, the European Griffin!

In the last three years I had many times the opportunity to share the sky with them and to adopt a way of flying that very often had as a result the acceptance of my wing in their groups as a bird, not as a human invasor….

The result is that you can film them, follow them, let them follow you….

and so now, my idea is to tell you their stories, from a different point of view…

how they live, how they fly, how they move…. and many others “how”.

The project will last at least for all the 2012, so stay tuned to see what happens.