The first teaser

Finally we’ve got it…..

Behind those 3 minutes there are 16 months of work. Many missions, emotions, delusions, hopes and victories…..

the clip is just to give an idea of what I made till now with the help of many entusiasthics friends….

now, I have to look forward and I hope someone will help me because there’s a lot to do yet.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Please…. full HD on, full screen and audio on…. 😉




Face to face with a griffon in a lift

As I told in the previous post, here you see the uncutted footage of a face to face situation with a vulture flying in the same thermal.

This happens more and more often to hang glider and paraglider pilots.

Unfortunately, the action cam does not allow you to notice some particular, but I can tell you that when you fly like that, with a bird like that, you watch in the eyes each other….and is something great!!!

You can notice that the bird flies in control, opposite to me (sometimes masked by my left wing) till the end of the thermal… it seems that it is gone… but he’s over me… like waiting for the glide togheter….

….and so it is!!!

In the final work I will explain very well behaviours like that to let you understand the nature of the vultures in the air and the free flying concept too.

By the way, hope you’ll enjoy this clip now.

Oh yes… I suggest you to watch in HD 😉

A difficult season

A lot of time has passed since my last post….

But… this season is really hard…

First the weather. I never saw something like this. We did not have spring!

Rainy days for months, and cold…till half of june. A demonstration is that all the free flight races in europe were canceled or had at least one or two flyable days on five.

Then in the middle of may I had an accident during a kitesurfing session. I badly compromised my right knee functionality, and in autumn I’ll need to operate it, for sure. Here’s the story of the accident if you are curious:

But…against any expectation, I get in a good condition very fast. Good enaugh to fly again…staying very carefull during landings….

So… I shot some good ones! 🙂

This is a snapshot of a footage I’ll publish in the next days. Can you see who’s behind my keel?

sullarottadeigrifoni-2013-07-19-14h28m29s104It is a footage I will use for sure in the final work, but obviously cutted due to whole timing.

But I’ll be glad to share the uncutted version with you in the next days. I think expecially the pilots will appreciate the dance in the thermal with a vulture and the glide we made togheter before separation on tifferent targets.