The first teaser

Finally we’ve got it…..

Behind those 3 minutes there are 16 months of work. Many missions, emotions, delusions, hopes and victories…..

the clip is just to give an idea of what I made till now with the help of many entusiasthics friends….

now, I have to look forward and I hope someone will help me because there’s a lot to do yet.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Please…. full HD on, full screen and audio on…. 😉




The season is on again!

Hi everybody!

So finally, after a very long winter, the season is started again!!!

…and we are back in the sky!!


Due to the long winter and to the great amount of snow we had in our area, we had just few flyable days in this cold season.

We are not so used too, because in the previous years our region was characterized by dryier winters with a lot of flying days.

Some take offs in southern Julian alps were closed by the snow too…. so… no flights… no footages…. freezed project… :\

I still need to capture some interesting behaviours that the griffons have, and that I saw many times flying with them..  but…. one thing is to see it… another is to catch it with a camera and in a good way.

Ooohhh… How many times I desired to have a tool to recorSAMSUNGd what my eyes saw…. 🙂

But I don’t surrender!!! 🙂 I know that soon we’ll catch the right moment, in the right place…. and will be a great reward for all the previous attempts…

So, as I said… the good season is back, and in the previous days I met in the air some griffons on the slovenian ridges. They were going north, direction Gemona… probably coming from Cres island in Croatia, were there are the endemic colonies.

Then few days ago I went to Gemona to see how is the situation. The area is in a great condition to fly. The sky is full of griffons and the take offs for us, flying humans, are quite all reachable.

So in the next days we’ll have a mission there.

Lucio will fly his Niviuk Takoo biplace with an operator and ,togheter with other pilots, we’ll fly those wonderfull territories to have good filmings and to catch the perfect moment with the griffons!


So, crossed fingers, and wish us good luck! 😉