The Project


The target of the project is to involve the spectator in the importance of the preservation of the european griffon, a vulture species endemic in the Quarner’s islands, and widespread in alpe adria territories of Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

The documentary aim is to bring the viewer in the world of griffons through the filmings and the narration of the voice of an hang glider pilot, who often shares the sky with this marvellous species and is like an interpretation key for the audience.

The hang glider pilot during his flights respects the same natural rules of the griffons, and due to his way of flying very often the two “species” share the same parts of the sky, in a thermal or flying on energetic lines, starting a not verbal comunication with the soaring birds, made of an exchange of informations to optimize their flight performances.

This close contact with the interpretation of the pilot allows the viewing and shooting of birds soaring in a way that otherwise would not be entirely possible and can give researchers insights and study of the behavior and intelligence of these species.

Through the eyes of the hang glider pilot the world of the griffons will be explained, and, through it, also the world of the pilot will be explained better, showing to the audience the art of free flying.

The aim is to show how this sport (like paragliding and gliding) is respectfull for nature and is a great way to live it in a close contact and, at the same time, to sensitize the audience about the preservation of this wonderfull volture.